UK Essay or US Essay writer? What is the difference?

Make Clear of Your Need of a UK Essay or US Essay if You Were to Seek Writing Assistance

When students are getting their essays written by a professional essay writing service or if they wish to write their essays on their own, there are certain points they have to take into consideration. One key point to note is the difference between UK English and US English. Students living in the UK and US will have to bear this point in mind especially when they get a custom essay written for their assignments. UK essays although similar in format and style to US essays, will have many differences in them.

Why do students get their essays written?
There are many reasons why a student will get essay writing help. They could be lacking the skills needed to write a good English essay, they could be transfer students and will not know the many differences in essay writing UK style and US style. Or they may lack the time to commit themselves to write essays.

What differences should they look out for?
Certain words are spelled differently in the US and UK. For example, the word “centre’ is spelled “center” in the UK. “organisation” is written as “organization” in the US. These two words are just an example of the many differences in spelling when it comes to the two styles of language.