Tips for dissertation abstract online

PhD dissertation abstract is an essential part of your work. It’s a kind of a general description or summary of your paper, so meet the expectations of your tutor from the first sentence. By choosing highly condensed form, you will prepare the reader to further ideas and concepts. In some situations, it’s a good way of substituting the whole paper; therefore it must be written thoroughly.

Structure and size of doctoral dissertation abstract

While writing a dissertation abstract pay attention to its maximal size – 150 words (for Master degree) and 350 words (for the degree of Doctor). In order to achieve visual coherence, you may settle on 280 words or a double-spaced page.

Talking about the structure, it should represent the main elements of your paper, whereas every point must be shown. For instance, if you have 6 parts, write a sentence or two for each of them.

Answer the research questions

Although dissertation abstract writing is a bit different from the whole paper, still it must seem similar in a way – adhere to the skeleton of your dissertation in order not to forget about some significant aspects. All the mentioned questions must be included. If you have 3 or more of them, you’d better paraphrase or unite them to meet the size standards.

The last, but not the least point

Writing an abstract for a dissertation supposes such an important point as results or conclusion. Don’t forget to present them since without them it will be difficult to estimate your paper. It’s like a missing ending in a joke – there is no sense in it. The main reason for writing a dissertation is to discover something new, that’s why the abstract must also reflect the results you have achieved. They usually take the half of your abstract.

How do I write an abstract for my dissertation?

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