Are Dissertation Samples Useful?

Sample Dissertation Can be a Guidance on How to Write Your Dissertation

When studying for an advance degree, students will be required to write dissertations as a part of the final chapter of their study. The dissertation is usually a lengthy document with a minimum word count of 10,000 words and should adhere to a number of stringent requirements. As there are many elements to consider, students often find themselves unable to complete this task by the deadline. It is recommended that student refer to some sample dissertation for gaining a proper idea of how to write them, structure and format them as well as an idea of the whole dissertation conducting and writing process.

Why do students need sample dissertation?
Most often students are unaware of how to write dissertation and the various elements involved in the process. They are unsure of the format; have no idea how to choose a topic and lack knowledge of the appropriate writing style to be applied to their dissertations. Referring to few good sample dissertations allows them to obtain a rough idea as to how they should proceed.

How to get samples of dissertations?
You can access dissertations done by previous students in hard copy format in the college or university library. There is however a much easier way to browse dissertation samples online. There are many online writing services available which offer samples of academic papers from essay sample to dissertations. Students must select the topic areas and the key words which will allow them to peruse many samples of essays or dissertations. There is also the option of logging in to data bases containing published work of journal papers and dissertations but these are paid access sites. However, most universities pay a group subscription fee to these sites and allow their students to access the sites freely via the university’s online library portal.

Are dissertation samples useful to the students?
This aspect is two sided. It is useful if used in the proper manner.
1. It will help the student understand the nature of chapters involved when it comes to his dissertation format and will help them select suitable topics.
2. It will give an idea as to how each chapter is written. For example, the literature review focus upon reviewing the existing scholarly literature on the subject while the methodology chapter outlines the study methodology including research choices, data analysis and sampling strategies.
3. Will guide the student on proper method of citing sources.
1. It costs money most of the time to access a full dissertation.
2. As a whole dissertation is too lengthy to peruse most sites will show only the title pages, reference pages, appendix and a page or two of the body of the dissertation. This aspect makes it difficult for the student to form an idea as to the content of the dissertation.
3. Referring to too many samples can also cramp the writer’s writing style and ideas.
4. Different universities have different formatting requirements. This aspect also depends upon the field of study. Therefore caution must be exercised to refer to samples that tallies with the student’s own dissertation requirements.
5. Some students feel inclined to use parts of the sample work as their own which can be a costly mistake if the whole dissertation project is failed as plagiarized material.

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