A good descriptive essay about a person

A descriptive essay about a person is a special type of a task as it is based not only on writing, but on creating a picture or a character sketch. It supposes that your description must be visible and real so that everyone could imagine the person you are talking about. It’s a true art, so get ready to spend a lot of time on it. By the way, we are here to provide some useful information on writing a descriptive essay about a person.

Step 1. Select the most appropriate person

The best advice is to choose the person you are closely familiar with. It can be a descriptive essay about my grandmother – you perfectly know the way she conducts herself, what she does every day, what she will do in different situations. Any relative will be a great solution here since you see them every day and know them as yourself.

Many students prefer to write a descriptive essay about best friend – it’s an excellent alternative, especially if you know him or her since childhood and spend a lot of time together.

Step 2. Show the person; don’t tell about him or her

What makes descriptive essay writing a professional and unique one? Of course, it’s the way you depict the person – we are not mistaken you should depict a person using your own words. It sounds unbelievable, but that is what you should actually do.

Making a description of behavior or the way he or she dresses is a good start, but you shouldn’t forget about personal traits. Try to think of some books with really great personal descriptions. Were there a lot of details from everyday life? What seems more personal – a description of a look or a picture of smile? If you have found out the answers, then you are almost ready to complete this task.

Step 3. Preparation

It’s always helpful to read works of other authors on this topic that you could get the idea of right 500 word descriptive essay. Make some notes to show the person in a more detailed, thought out and accurate way.

Step 4. Structure

When you are almost ready to start fulfilling the assignment, spend some minutes on the structure. Remember that every new personal trait must be described in a new paragraph.

Help me write a descriptive essay

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